First blog post

At last I start to wright my 1st blog, back in 2002 or 03 when pulse has started from that day I intend to apply once I had discussed with my boss, he directed me to achieve some other objectives, so I get engage myself to achieve my those objectives . The time went moving and year 2016 comes, now I am ready to participate in Pulse, my chosen destination Abuja Nigeria.
By the grace of Allah, I think I am blessed, as I had start my journey from scratch to the position I have, No doubt its GSK who give me enormous opportunities to serve and learn more and more, its always amazing when you outside your country, you learn personally and professionally I was in front line in 2008 Earth quack, among 100 selected people around the GSK world who join hands in 2012 Olympic. some where I read this quote that you move the hurdles from the way of other people, Allah make your life easier, so it’s my believe as much as possible contribute to society.
Thanks to GSK who give the opportunity to serve the community which really in need, the intervention may you can arrange to up lift their livelihood, some contribution to system, just a push may create a change for betterment of people.
Before coming to Africa I study all possible available information, friends from  colleagues, through web, while travelling there is some fear as well, but when I reached here scenario is totally different, I find as I am in my home just like Islamabad its lush green full of trees city,i live in maitama where people love to build bigger houses then Islamabad, here people like expensive Cars Like Ferraris, Mercedes S class roles rice etc .
As I reached in Abuja my 1st encounter made by CHAI HR who introduced me with all CHAI staff after that our on boarding program has started about all project that are being run by Clinton health access initiative. the usual pattern is project lead will deliver presentation and question answer session will take place, presentation will cover all scope and intervention & commodities they provided to facilitate and up lift health of Nigerian people.